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Swarm Collectors Meeting - video, notes, feedback and protocols

Asian Hornet Team Member Resources and Information

Hygiene covers everything from having a clean bee suit and clean gloves, to ensuring the beekeeper is not a conduit for disease. This is done by ensuring equipment is cleaned  between hives and after each apiary visit.

For each section there are videos and suggested reading. There is a quiz at the end to test your understanding of hygiene and disease inspections.

Asian hornet information and guidance for beekeepers.

The aim of this course is to encourage all new and many existing beekeepers to improve their understanding and practice of sustainable beekeeping. By the end of the course, beekeepers will be able to demonstrate a broad range and understanding of beekeeping skills which will help them be more sustainable in their beekeeping and reduce the need for buying in replacement queens, to have better overwintering success, better understanding of swarm control and more wax to be reclaimed.